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We Are At A Critical Turning Point In History For Our Wealth and Our Personal Freedom

In this live event I will explain why these threats are a clear and present danger and outline some of the strategies you can adopt to survive the Age of Uncertainty and thrive in its aftermath.  

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From The Desk Of Investor, Speaker and Wealth Coach Graham Rowan

Imagine how you would have responded if we’d had this conversation a year ago and I’d suggested that by the beginning of 2021 these things would come about:

  • That a Wealth Tax on anyone with assets over £500,000 would be under serious consideration despite the impact of Brexit and Covid19 
  • That you could be surrounded by police officers and fined for driving 5 miles to a local beauty spot and going for a walk with a flask of tea
  • That the financial elite at the World Economic Forum would be calling for a Great Reset that includes massive re-distribution of wealth such that most of us will ‘rent everything and own nothing’
I could go on.

Record printing of ‘funny money’ by central banks; the enforced closure of millions of businesses; draconian limits on our freedom of movement with no scientific evidence to justify them. 

I’m Graham Rowan, founder of Renegade Investor Academy. Based on my own journey to financial freedom and the work I’ve done for some years now with investors and business owners I’d like to share with you some critical threats that we’re facing and how you can address them in your own life and business.

There’s a reason why I’m calling this The Age of Uncertainty.

I’m in my seventh decade now, and never have I experienced so much change in so short a time. Never did I imagine that I would live through a time like this as a citizen of a Western ‘democracy’. 

And yet the stock market hits record highs. Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are on a tear as individuals and institutions search for a store of value. Property prices continue upwards as people leave the cities for the countryside and new government stimulus programmes keep inflating the bubble. 

Make no mistake, fortunes will be made and lost in this environment.

There will be big winners and tragic losers. 
But the stakes are not just financial. 

What good is all the money in the world if you can’t live where you want and how you want? I am fortunate enough to have homes in Britain, France and Montenegro but I have been trapped in the UK for months. 

What hoops will I have to jump through before I am allowed to visit these homes again?

Brexit has brought another level of uncertainty for investors and business owners alike. A once in a lifetime opportunity for Britain to establish a new identity on the world stage. Given their handling of the pandemic, how much confidence can we have that they will fully exploit this opportunity?

Brexit has also brought a new level of uncertainty about what the future holds in terms of mobility of people and money. Incredibly, with all the talk about fishing, we have left the EU without an agreement on the much more important financial services sector. Already billions of euros worth of transactions are being routed through other countries and we again face the risk of losing thousands of City jobs to Paris and Frankfurt. What have these guys been doing for the past four and a half years?
It’s easy to get depressed about all this uncertainty. Many people seem to have put their lives on hold. Marking time until the fog lifts and everything returns to normal. 

Personally, I’ve never found hope to be a great strategy. And I suspect that’s not your style either.

The fact that you are reading this tells me that you think differently to 99% of the population. While they lounge around in their onesies bingeing on daytime television, you are looking for an edge. 

You want to learn strategies to ensure you come out of all this on the right side of history. 

You are in the right place. 

It’s not coincidence that this is called the Renegade Investor Revolution. 

It’s more a movement than a training course. A mindset rather than just a set of tools. 

And it’s definitely not for everybody.
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